UK Police On Nationwide Manhunt For Guy Who Threw Pork Sausages At Mosque While Muslims Are Running Guns And “Refugees” Over The Borders And The Police Don’t Care

Sometimes I feel like am I living in a dystopic science fiction novel.


anonymous man threw a bag of pork sausages at the Finsbury Park Mosque, and now the UK police are on a nationwide manhunt to find and prosecute this man to the fullest extent of the law for a “hate crime”:

Mosque chairman Mohammed Kozbar told the Islington Tribune: ‘This is really quite offensive to us. We are taking it very seriously.’

Mr Kozbar said: ‘We want to put a very strong message out there that we will not put up with this. We want to see this guy prosecuted and behind bars.

‘Ramadan is coming up soon and we will be very busy – we have to deal with this.’

Detective Inspector Ralph Coates of Islington Community Safety Unit said: ‘We take hate crime extremely seriously as we know how destructive these offences can be, both to individuals and to communities.

‘I would urge anyone who recognises this man or has any information that will help the investigation to contact police.’

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: ‘Police in Islington are appealing for the public’s help to identify a man they wish to speak to in connection with a religiously aggravated hate crime.

‘The offence happened at about 2am on Thursday, May 26, at Finsbury Park Mosque on St Thomas’s Road, Finsbury Park.

Just for a bit of perspective on this mosque, this was the same mosque where Muslim terrorist Abu Hamza preached, and which has been known for producing Muslim jihadis:

At the same time the UK is on this nationwide manhunt for this “sausage lobber,” the UK government has practically covered up that Muslims are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars of military weapons, drugs, and people into the UK, and the government is doing NOTHING about it:

Hundreds of marinas and ports across the UK are putting the country at risk as they do not have the rigorous security checks the main border entrances have.

People smugglers trying to avoid getting caught at the Channel Tunnel or main entry points see the smaller ports as perfect alternatives to get into the country.

Border Force said it has little knowledge of the threats and risks associated with boats coming in to the country, with routine checks on tiny marinas almost non-existent.

Excuse me, but how can the Border Force have “little knowledge” about this given how much this another scandals have been made public repeatedly? If you actually believe this, I have oceanfront property in Yellowstone National Park I would like to sell you.

Last year automatic weapons worth £100,000 from the same European supplier as the guns used in the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris were seized in Cuxton marina near Rochester, Kent.

A British gang had brought in the weapons, which included 22 assault rifles, nine sub-machine guns and 1,500 rounds of ammunition.

An internal NCA report, said: “The investigation has confirmed the risk that general maritime offers crime groups access to the UK in what is generally an unpoliced area.

“There is no generic border control at small marinas around the UK coast.”

Please, spare me the excuses. The UK is the most heavily surveilled society in the world. I don’t believe that the government does not know what is going on- they are FULLY aware of everything what is happening. The fact is that they do not care.

I bring this dichotomy up in light of a recent BBC documentary about the last Cockneys of East London. The documentary, which has been received well by many Britons, described how thanks to the UK government, the native Cockneys have been literally driven out of East London and forcibly replaced by Muslims and Africans against their will.

Ironically, many of the “migrants” immediately called the BBC “racist” on account of this. Yet this is the same BBC which has pledged not to hire British males openly in favor of Muslims and Africans.

Folks, this is a genocide taking place before our eyes.

Western Europeans, you are next

The police don’t really care about the fact that the man lobbed a sausage at a mosque. The “crime” in actuality here is that certain members of European society- our so-called “leaders” and the parasitic business and financial interests who fund them- have decided the Europe’s Christian heritage must be destroyed. Europe and especially the UK has been extremely weakened because of the nation’s constant rejection of the Faith and eventually, Christianity itself. The result is a spiritual vacuum has been created into which Islam can flow.

Remember, Islam is a very weak religion, and most of the “conquests” it makes is actually filling a spiritual vacuum from which Christianity has been forcibly aborted, usually at the influence of wicked men out of their lust for money and power. It is the same as it has always been.

There are in fact two crimes taking place here, neither of which is being reported. The first and most important is the genocide of the British people and the forced Islamization of UK society by wicked men.

The second, and far lesser, is the waste of good pork sausage on Muslims- that is for eating. Other kinds of pork products are better for Muslims- like unwashed chitlins.


Quelle: Walid Shoebat


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