The question: Is Europe in danger of civil war?

I would like to point out that to be a civil war, one would have to be fighting one’s citizens.

(Womit sich meine Argumentation in Luft auflöst, wonach die Bezeichnung „Bürgekrieg“ irreführend wäre, da in diesem Konflikt keine verfeindeten Parteien von Bürgern eines Staates gegeneinander kämpfen; weshalb die englische Bezeichnung „Civil War“ die Sache eher träfe: ein „ziviler Krieg“ bzw. ein „Krieg unter Zivilisten“.
Nun, auch ein „Civil War“ist ein Krieg unter Bürgern desselben Staates. Wieder etwas dazugelernt, Anm.)

I contest that what is more likely going on here is an invasion of another country that is fighting a religious war. Whether or not our nation’s government invited them is irrelevant. They are not citizens of the state, and only citizens can riot.

They are an anomaly, a twenty-first-century phenomenon created by the modern plutocracy of globalism. Whether you like the numbers or not, they are causing the unraveling of Europe. It is highly unlikely that Europe will survive such a large unmeasured influx of people so suddenly thrust upon them. They are clearly different in so many ways; most will find it difficult if not impossible to fit into the European culture, even if they chose too.


The real question here is, not whether there will be a civil war, but if the current European countries even survive this onslaught of charity cases without succumbing to the same fate, a failed economic system.

Statistically speaking civil war breaks out when only 10% of the sovereign population gets together and initiates an uprising. That is not a large percentage of disappointed people.

What if a non-sovereign invader, grows enough to start a civil war on their own?

Muslim hatred is growing in Europe as tensions escalate due to the strife many are facing in the Eastern Europe Nations.


Den ganzen Text findet ihr hier.


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