Hochinteressantes Video zum Tema Feinstaub (englisch)


4 Antworten auf “Hochinteressantes Video zum Tema Feinstaub (englisch)”

      1. No, wrong.
        It’s politician actors that import those people cause they wan’t to devide and conquer.

        And chemtrails are a problem. Feinstaub von Autos weniger.

        Gefällt mir

      2. Ah, the principle of cause and effect. Yes, you’re absolutely right. If it wasn’t for the politicians who’re supposed to work for their nation’s people we wouldn’t have them here.
        And if it wasn’t for those politicians there would still be peace in many muslim countries that have been ravaged by the onslaught of western democracy.
        I don’t know much about chemtrails.
        Maybe they are real – maybe not.
        Nanoparticles are.

        Gefällt mir

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