Ägypten: Todesfalle Krankenhaus

Polish Tourist may have been drugged, raped, and killed by muslims in Egypt

A 27-year-old Polish tourist who fell to her death from a hospital window in an Egyptian resort may have been drugged and gang-raped. Video footage has emerged which showed her lashing out at several men and acting erratically only a few hours before her death.

Polish media report that Magdalena bought two tickets to Egypt for a holiday over the May Day weekend but her boyfriend was unable to travel as his passport had expired.

They agreed she should just enjoy the break on her own. But a few days after arriving she felt unwell and began acting strangely.

She then called her boyfriend and in a video chat she begged him to „take me away.“ He asked her what had happened to her and she indicated that she could not remember, but was clearly terrified. Magdalena reportedly obtained an earlier flight home to Poland but was prevented from boarding because of her confused mental state.

She then visited two hospitals but was turned away, with doctors telling her: „We do not deal with mental illnesses.“

Krzysztof Rutkowski, a private investigator who has worked on several high-profile cases in Poland, has been hired by her family to find out what happened to her.

He said his initial theory was that her confused state was due to date rape drugs and that her drink may have been spiked at some point.

Quelle: Sputnik (unbedingt dort weiterlesen!)

A comment from the source article:

„You don’t have to be Sherlock Holms for this one. Gang member 1: Receptionist – on the lookout for unaccompanied European women. Gang member 2: Barman who is tipped off and has drug under the counter.Gang member 3 & 4 Hotel security or pretending to be so. Girl comes down for drink. becomes very dizzy and sick. the two helpful security persons offer help to her room – she accepts. You can fill in the rest. In this case she ‚came to‘ and can identify the attackers- if she gets to police and relates the facts.. they know what will happen to them and it aint pleasant. She must commit suicide quick before she has time to make a statement. Probably been doing it for years.“

Do not go to muslim countries for holidays, especially when alone.

Quelle: Diversity Macht Frei


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