How they mess with our kids (if we let them)

School Transitions 5-year-old Transgender Boy Into Girl Without Parent’s Consent

Kindergarten holds ‚transitioning ceremony‘ without consulting parents

on 22nd August 2017 @ 6.08pm

Parents furious after school transitions 5-year-old boy into a girl without permission

A kindergarten in Rocklin, California has caused outrage after it held a transgender ceremony for a 5-year-old transgender boy to transition into a girl without consulting their parents first.

Complaints have been made against the school by a number of angry parents who are considering legal action after a charter school kindergarten teacher staged the „transitioning ceremony“ leaving several children „traumatized„.

Parents have complained that their kids have been left „shaken and disturbed“ by the transgenderism lesson, but Rocklin Academy Schools has countered that it didn’t legally have to consult with parents or even tell them.

The administration argued that gender identity isn’t sex education, and therefore, it’s not subject to California’s parental consent and opt-out laws, reported Fox40News.

Due to gender identity and gender expression being prohibited grounds for discrimination in the state, refusing to accept a five-year-old „trans girl“ could lead to a potential lawsuit.

According to LSN, Parents only found out what happened from their kids, says Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council, a Focus on the Family-founded group that’s advising parents.

‘Transition ceremony’: 5-year-old boy becomes a ‘girl’

Rocklin Academy Gateway’s kindergarten teacher gave the lesson on transgenderism because a boy in the class is transitioning to a girl, Keller told LifeSiteNews.

During the lesson on the second-to-last day before summer break, the teacher read two books, „I am Jazz“ and „The Red Crayon,“ that purports to explain “transgenderism” to children aged four to eight, Fox40News reported.

„I am Jazz“ is particularly explicit, beginning “From the time she was two years old, Jazz knew that she had a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.”

But the “huge bombshell” was that the teacher didn’t just read the books but “essentially put on this more-or-less transition ceremony” for the child, says Keller.

After the teacher introduced the five-year-old student to the class as a boy, he then went into the bathroom and emerged dressed as a girl.

The teacher then reintroduced “her” to the children, explaining “she” was now a “girl” who now had a girl’s name and was to be called that from now on.

Parents angry, kids traumatized and confused

That left a number of kids “really deeply emotionally bothered and traumatized,” Keller said.

“There were several of the little girls that went to their parents and were crying and saying, ‘mommy or daddy, am I going to turn into a boy?’”

And a boy who hadn’t given “gender” a single thought before is now asking his mother if he can dress as a girl for school, added Keller.

Responding to backlash from parents, Principal Jillayne Antoon sent out a letter a week later that did not mention transgenderism, reported Fox40News.

Nor did it mention the transition ceremony or the teacher presenting the boy as a girl to his five-year-old classmates.

Antoon maintained the books were “age appropriate” and that the school’s nondiscrimination policy “protects all students, including on the basis of gender, gender identity, and gender expression.”

The teacher, however, never sought approval from the administration before using the books, according to Fox40News.

The board has now adopted the policy that books outside the curriculum have to be approved.

LifeSiteNews contacted the school board but did not hear back by deadline.

No opt out or parental consent for gender issues: law

District Superintendent Robin Stout told Fox40News that parents were not notified because kids can’t opt out of gender identity and expression lessons.

The school board also held a special session on the matter on July 31, which included a presentation on California law by Young, Minney & Corr law firm that echoed Stout’s assertions.

According to that presentation, since January 2016, state law allows parents to only opt their children out of sex education.

“Diversity and tolerance curricula are not ‘sex education,’” it emphasized.

“California law explicitly provides that ‘instruction or materials that discuss gender, sexual orientation, or family life and do not discuss human reproductive organs and their functions’ are not subject to the parental notice and opt-out laws.’”

Moreover, a student has the “right to self-identify” and “a right to the use of his or her preferred pronoun at school and in class.”

To not comply intentionally with this is “considered gender identity harassment,” the law firm asserted.

‚Institutional child abuse‘

Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, has denounced “institutions that promote transition affirmation” as engaging in “nothing less than institutionalized child abuse” that can inflict “untold psychological damage.”

“All children should be told the truth that sex does not ever change and cannot be changed,” Cretella told LifeSiteNews in an email.

“All children should be nurtured to embrace their bodies and the reality of their biological sex. All children should be affirmed as the unique boys or girls their bodies proclaim them to be.”

A number of families have decided to pull their children from the school, Keller says. Parents are also circulating a petition asking for parental notification before controversial material is brought up in class.

CFC is considering pushing for state legislation to protect parental rights.

“It’s such an egregious case, we’re trying to figure out what can be done, from the legal perspective, the legislative perspective, or at the very least at the local level,” Keller said.

What happened at Rocklin Academy, he said, is another instance of the “growing effort in Western democracies to try to fracture the relationship between parents and their children, and to make children wards of the state.”

That’s not all!
Now the classmates of this child are falling victim to this gender-madness:

6-year-old Child Suspended from School for ‚Misgendering‘ Transgender Classmate

Girl disciplined for using gender-confused students ‚old‘ name

on 26th August 2017 @ 6.05pm

A Sacramento-area charter school that was at the center of a transgender controversy last week, has caused outrage amongst parents again this week after a 6-year-old student was suspended for calling a transgender „girl“ by their former boy’s name.

The kindergarten in Rocklin, California made headlines after the school held a „gender-transitioning“ ceremony for a 5-year-old boy to become identified as a girl, without consulting the child’s parents first.

Now a first-grade girl has been disciplined for inadvertently referring to the trans girl by the boy’s name they were known by in the previous term.

According to Karen England, executive director of the Capitol Research Institute, the first-grader „knows the student’s name from last year, and innocently on the playground called him by his name, and was told she needed to refer to him as a ‘she’ and needed to refer to him by his new name, which the student said OK,“

„But then later the student was later called into the principal’s office so that the incident could be investigated to see if it was intentional or not as if six-year-old kids are even thinking about this.“

According to LSN, the parent of the suspended child met with the principal on Wednesday, England said, and the school reiterated to the parent „that their child needs to refer to this biological boy as a girl with the girl’s name.“

The first-grade student was “upset” because she thought she was in trouble, England said, adding:

“The parent is very concerned for their child. This was an innocent mistake.”

Rocklin Academy Schools has been hit by parental backlash after a five-year-old boy in kindergarten class transitioned to a girl.

Parents weren’t told the child was transitioning and that the kindergarten class would introduce to his transition in a way that some parents say has traumatized their five-year-olds, who are now fearful they too will „change“ to the opposite sex.

While accounts vary on the sequence of events, the kindergarten teacher read two pro-transgender books to the class on a second-to-last day before summer break.

According to a parent account provided by Greg Burt at California Family Council, somewhere in between these readings, the five-year-old boy “changed his clothes from boy clothes to girl clothes.”

England described what happened as a “transgender reveal exercise on one of the last days of kindergarten” where “the young boy arrived at school a boy and left identifying as a girl.”

Parents were told a week later in a letter from Principal Jillayne Antoon that the two books had been read in class, but not that the boy had transitioned to a girl, the parent stated.

The kindergarten teacher won’t say what happened that day, nor will the school board, England told LifeSite News.

Parents have been left to find out what happened from their children.

Regardless of just how the five-year-old boy’s transition took place, it’s not disputed that parents weren’t told about it beforehand, a number of his classmates have been left disturbed, and that several parents are angry.

And it now appears Rocklin Academy Gateway is doubling down on enforcing the boy’s „change“ to a girl, with a visit to the principal’s office a possibility for any child who hasn’t gotten with the program.

According to CBS, the school board will address the issue during next month’s board meeting.

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