My Paladin Press books available now for free download

the street standards

Over a decade ago I published two books with Paladin Press consisting of articles I’d written, some original material, and some guest-written chapters.  The themes of both were the two themes I had written about for years prior: 1) the necessity of integrating empty-hand training with firearms training, and 2) the necessity of force-on-force simulation training — both for both cops and civilians. I am pleased that much of what I advocated strongly for then is now accepted wisdom and part of good / advanced training.  And I’m not so pleased that I (and many other like-minded trainers) had so little impact on the plethora of low-end instructors.  Oh, well.

Paladin Press at that time had gone from being the first amendment poster child, to being the first amendment poster child and a valuable publisher of, for a better word, „tactical“ subjects.  The people I worked with there – mostly…

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