Für Wolfgang.

Damit du mich besser verstehen kannst.


2 Antworten auf “Für Wolfgang.”

  1. Damn. First I had to translate your blog page into English, then watch the video on YouTube to get the lyrics, then copy and paste the lyrics into Google, search that and then translate the lyrics into English.

    I liked what I found though.
    If poor old Wolgang doesn’t get it, I do.

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    1. LOL! Seems like you’re still stuck in that snowstorm with too much time at your hands!
      I really like Darkwood. Can’t hear it all too often though since this music tends to mess up my heart. There’s so much wrong in diesem Land I don’t know where to start.
      Wolfgang is a good man and he‘s old enough to have witnessed the turmoils of ’33 to ’45. He knew what he was fighting for these days. The soldiers at the Eastern Front then had a prophetic saying:
      „Enjoy the war – the peace will be horrible.“
      Not many people could then imagine how much this prophecy became true in diesem Land.


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