Somethin‘ fo‘ u Phil 😄

Phil likes old cars and kinda revives them old ladies. Here’s an adorable Volkswagen Bus straight from the 70ies and I think Phil would love getting his hands on that one:

Oh, until the beginning of part two (see above) I was living under the impression that this guy would rebuild the whole VW but instead he‘ll use it as a source for spare parts for another Volkswagen that’s in better shape.
But hey: he got the engine running, didn’t he!! Amazing.

Anyway, here’s another short video telling the story of the revival of an old Volkswagen Bus that was parked in a forest for some decades; hope you’ll enjoy it.


10 Antworten auf “Somethin‘ fo‘ u Phil 😄”

  1. Brothers from another Mother.
    I was so wild behind the wheel when I was younger that I used to basically rent my drivers license a few months at a time. get a bunch of tickets, get suspended, pay the tickets, rinse and repeat.
    I also used to get letters from the state informing me that I was a habitual offender yadda yadda yadda.
    I should have kept all that.
    To give you some perspective of just how wild I was, I did all of what you described above, as often as possible, usually while drinking.
    Ya gotta remember, this was forty years ago now.
    I totaled 29 cars in 10 years before I turned thirty years old.and that was when I stopped counting.
    That doesn’t include motorcycles.
    Between the car wrecks and the motorcycle wrecks, I have been in over 60 easily.
    I was not driving in all of those, I got my lead foot and my wild ways from my father who used to race cars and motorcycles when I was young.
    My best guess is that I have now owned well over 60 vehicles since I was 18.

    Do you remember The Dukes Of Hazzard?
    the two Southern boys who were always jumping that General Lee car?
    Been there, done that, in a 1971 El Camino. Cleared an entire intersection going up a hill with all 4 wheels and landed thirtyfeet on the other side doing 75 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.
    They shoot people now for the crap I pulled all the time back then.

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  2. I actually had one of those once and really did kind of like it. I flipped it on it’s side going around a corner two blocks from my house and got a ticket for unsafe speed.
    Going an estimated 25 MPH, in a 25 MPH zone.
    I wound up beating that ticket. There is more to this story but I have to leave for work. Thanks for thinking of me!

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  3. Love some old VWs. I had a „baja bug“ when I was younger, made from a 60s model beetle with the old sturdy tube front end. It was tough as nails, and would go almost anywhere. Loved going out in the mud, or driving off or up hills. People with me would say „you’re not driving down there!!??“ I would turn and drive right down „there“ like it was nothing. Floorboards were rusted some, so in the mud it would splash mud on my passengers. Fun!
    My buddy had a slick Karmann Ghia convertible that was smooth, and pretty fast.

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    1. The car I had most fun with when I was a young man was in fact an old VW Beetle that was still running on a six Volt battery. You know the one with the small tail lights.
      My dad once bought a used Volkswagen Bus T2 straight from the Red Cross service, refitted it a little and used it for camping. Later he also had a T4 camping bus and the feeling of riding such a car stuck with me. My wife also always wanted a Volkswagen bus but we always shied away from buying one since a reasonable new model would carry a hefty price tag.
      Until last month when I happened to find a car dealer who supplies the Austrian police forces with Volkswagen – and takes them back after two years of service regardless of the mileage.
      So I finally got me a 2014 Volkswagen bus T5 with some 60,000 kilometers mileage for a real reasonable price.
      I still can’t believe that this gorgeous car is really mine!

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      1. Mine was 6 volt as well.
        My buddy liked to build a buggy with the van engine, as they had more power. He would grind around and fit it in his cars, and then he had a „hot-rod“ bug.
        You would have liked his house, he had four or five old VW’s for parts, two or three that were running, and an engine set in his kitchen for months. Total guy place! We played in a band together, so his living room was actually a studio; drums, amps, mixers, recording equipment, PAs, mikes, and lights. I can’t play drunk, and I never liked beer so much (do like Bourbon), so lot’s of times we would start playing and they would put their cigarettes out in my Coke can, because everyone else drank beer so they figured it was an old can. Still, I had a lot of fun there, and when my bug broke down, he would tell me how to fix it, and pull the parts from his older cars. Charged me „a couple of six-packs of beer.“

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      2. You know how it is while you’re still young driving a car, having a young body a fast reactions – driving this car and trying to reach the limits of Mother Nature‘s laws of physics?
        Putting it bluntly: driving as fast and reckless as possible!
        Doing this with that old Volkswagen was incredibly funny. I used to drive Rallye stye on a dirt road following the banks of a river at the feet of the Italian Alps: breakneck speed, drifting through curves and generally needing a whole Battalion of Guardian Angels keeping you from killing yourself while on an Adrenaline high 😂
        Then came the moment of truth when I had to pass that car to a licensed mechanic for a mandatory yearly inspection…
        That thing was totally crisp underneath – almost everything rotten and rusted through.
        What sealed my car’s fate was the fact that the main beams that carry the engine where also clearly rusted through. The mechanic told me that „just one hard bump could cause that car to break in two parts“ ….
        Imagine my shock. I just rode that car the day before on that dirt road that consisted mainly of bumps 😱
        So there clearly was someone or something watching over me these days…

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      3. Me too! And I have to think HE has some reason, some purpose…for letting us survive. I had my first car in every ditch in our county, and I slid sideways around every curve. Lost control more than once, and when we stopped spinning and the passengers stopped screaming…Off we’d go again. My father WISELY steered me toward a six cylinder for my first car, a ’72 Nova that topped out about 88 MPH. I drove it at 88 everywhere! Tore it up and he said „son, you can’t drive a car like a dune buggy and expect it to last.“ So I bought a „Baja bug!“
        GOD surely watched over me…and you.

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      4. Since yours was a six volts too:
        Did you ever need someone helping you start the car by connecting his battery to yours – and EVERYONE only had 12V batteries?
        Now you just had to run that voltage VERY SHORTLY to your car… 😂

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      5. No, I never tried that. Pushed it off if needed, then went and purchased another „motorcycle battery.“
        I tried one hill that was too much for it, and that was SCARY bouncing back down the hill backwards. Every time I tried to brake it felt like it might roll over backwards, so I had to just let it go and try and steer. You probably know, but a „Baja“ bug is simply a Beetle with the fenders cut back to accept bigger tires, wheel adapters, and some big off-road tires. Mine was old and the motor had something like 40 HP, so I took all extra weight out…Tossed the backseat, headliner, and anything else that wasn’t necessary.
        My VW crazy friend made a convertible Baja by cutting off the roof…which weakened the body. He added roll bars, painted it camo, and had some lady sew him a snap on top…It was awesome. He had a come along, a bottle of whiskey, and a tiny television…So it had a „bar“ and a TV. If we got stuck, we could just hook the come along to a tree and crank our way free. It went lots of places a 4×4 wouldn’t dare try.


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