To The End Of The World With A Friend

Good thinkin‘…



You wake up from an intense dream in which a voice spoke: Two more days and it’s just you two. You later talk with your friend, who tells you that he slept badly. The next night you have a dream in which pet dogs, even the friendly breeds, circle you hungrily. A man’s back presses against yours. You don’t see his face but you trust him. Then that same voice tells you: One more day. Everyone dies except you two. The next day is heavy. Bright sun and cool air, just like on the morning of 9/11. It’s just your grogginess, everything else is normal. You feel a yearning to hug the most beloved people in your life. You shrug it off and make it a normal day. Impulsively, you stop at your friend’s house but his wife says that he had slept badly the last two nights so…

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