Linksgrünverschwulte Teddybärwerfer

These crazies become all hysterical if some animal isnt being held according to standards and preach veganism to “save the planet”. The very same types become cheerful if some country abolishes strict abortion laws (like in Ireland). They don’t really see any problem to kill their own kids but fall all over themselves to “save the whales”.
These very same schizophrenics demand leniency whenever some “asylum seeker” performs a criminal deed but would love seeing whitey being burned at the stake for the same act. They volunteer to do averything in their powers so that refugees can live with „dignity“ but would never even wiggle so much as a finger for a homeless bum – it’s his fault, isn’t it?
These people hate their own people, hate Whites and actually hate all humankind for sometimes one can hear them telling one another how good this planet would be and what relief it was for „mother nature“ if mankind was gone.
So who are the haters?

They grew far too strong and are being overrepresented by mass media and having too much poisonous influence on our children and our society.
Time to pull out the rug under them.

Dieser Text ist Teil einer Diskussion zu diesem lesenswerten Artikel.

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