Germany Has Had Enough

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Via @RachelBartlett on Gab:

#Chemnitz statistics


20 injured, including two police

591 police officers tried to ‚de-escalate‘

6.000 right-wing populists

1.500 leftists

43 police reports (breach of peace, use of illegal symbols)


9 injured

1.800 police, including cavalry

4.500 right-wing populists according to city*, more likely 12.000

4.000 leftists according to the city*, more likely 2.500

25 police reports (breach of peace, bodily harm)

* I’m past trusting the municipality, or the MSM, on anything. Look at the videos and decide for yourself.

These are Type 3 protests.

There’s been surfeit of news that feed the cliche of cucked Western Europe. Not in Chemnitz:

Waving German flags, with some flashing Nazi salutes, the angry mob made its way through the streets, chasing after dark-skinned bystanders as police officers, vastly outnumbered, were too afraid to intervene.

A Syrian refugee and father of two, Anas al-Nahlawie, watched…

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