The Three Ways Of Relating to Diversity

The racism of those preaching multiculturalism while urging governments to “integrate” even more “asylum seekers” is breathtaking:
Firstly it’s the obvious hatred against their own race – the imagined (they didn’t participate in any of those) sins of colonialism or the Holocaust™ fuels a pathological guilt complex leading to a constant self-flagellation. Anyone that doesn’t fall in step with that constant “me culpa” is the target of their hatred.
Since every non-white person is fundamentally better than any given white person their perverted brain turns to treating non-whites as their target of benevolence. Any White in dire straits doesn’t need empathy since his misery is just his own fault.
The not so obvious racism manifests itself by them “helping immigrants along” and giving handouts and advice – all done from an elevated position since it is them who are not just good but better. They perceive themselves having the moral high ground and feel it’s their duty “sharing the wealth”.
But it isn’t their own wealth that’s drained into the gutter – just like it’s not them when they’re talking about “we have to” or “we really should” but everyone BUT themselves!
Modern day Pharisees is what they are.


You could also call it „The Stages of Racism,“ but that’s a made-up word, an epithet for White.

„Celebrate.“ First off, there is no celebrating of diversity, that would be unnatural. What there is, is status-signalling among people who aren’t personally affected by it. Morbid generosity on race is rooted in vanity. “Provincial” is a term of disparagement among striver-class Europeans. By celebrating diversity, these people, average-nobodies in almost every case, are posturing as cosmopolitans who move in international circles, or as adventurers who know how to earn the trust of exotic natives. But for diversity to confer such cred, it has to be novel. Not drab and depressing, as it’s long since become.

They also feel pity for the dark-skinned people. It’s a superior’s awkwardness when looking at a retarded person, and the relief as that discomfort is discharged when something nice is done for the pitiful creature.


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