Oh no! Data lost on Notwende!

Gentle and not so gentle men,

SHTF at Notwende!
The more friends I acquire in overseas the louder their demand for a blog they don’t have to translate piecemeal.
So I boldly went where I never ventured to in order to improve the readability of my articles for all of my readers whose knowledge of the German language is restricted to some harsh growls that would make a German Shepherd feel ashamed of itself.

I admit: I failed miserably.
The language plugin I plugged in fucked up my blog so badly that the my consequential desperation almost made me start this blog over from scratch.

Thanks to the WordPress customer support’s knowledge in both the wordpress blogging entrails as well as emergency psychology service for suicidal customers I feel happy with my bad luck now:
Even though I lost a couple of days of blogging when my blog was reverted back to the status it had been in before I installed that plugin, it got back to normal and blogging is fun again for me!
Better than any psychopharmacologist‘s remedy!

Now, my dear Amigos Americanos:
I certainly will continue trying to find a solution – just wait for great things to come and hold my beer…
…how about a nifty little Google Translator in the sidebar?

Just remember: whatever it is – I do it for you!

50 Antworten auf “Oh no! Data lost on Notwende!”

  1. Thank you for your efforts, Freund. AND for the information on the Yellow Jackets as well – we don’t get ANY mention in the US Press, which is why we call it the Lamestream Media. (I hope that translates!)

    Phil sent me. Don’t argue with Phil, he is ein gemeiner, knuspriger alter Furz! And he deserves it! 🙂


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    1. 😂 a crispy old fart! You’re funny!
      Lamestream Media is a nice way to say it.
      Over here we’ve got the „Lügenpresse“ – others call it the „Lückenpresse“ (I hope that translates!) 😉


    1. You’re welcome!
      Germany was a good place these days.
      Sure, there was the Cold War and the danger of nuclear annihilation loomed over our heads,
      But we still had most of our counties for our own.


      1. Dont mention it. We all got to stick together. Phil has the grace to send us over to you.

        Tell you something, this total media blockade on the Yellow Vests, if somebody could break it, lot of people here are very interested in whats going on at the ground and granular level. If a guy was to publish information and insights bypassing the gate keepers it would be of great service to the truth of exposing how truly tyrannical the transglobalists are.

        Would you have any links or undistributed news you could share?
        I’ll do a post with it if you like.
        I’ve archived everything regarding the Yellow Vest’s awesome defiance of the Brussel’s bankster autocrat’s thats come across my transom since day one. Its not much, but it is chronological.
        Frankly, the Yellow Vest’s are on the cutting edge of grass roots resistance to the globullists. How they react to, and the instruments of repression employed against the YV’s, along with the strategy/tactics of news blackout are very important to understand.

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. Wow thanks! That is all a great collection. Appreciate you. I’ll use this in a post.
        Have you a post on your blog about the Yellow Vests? Can I ask you what is the general observation on the street about this?


      3. Er… Yes. I guess I have posted the incident where one had lost his hand. In the meantime yet another protester lost his hand, too.
        I’m not really sure about how people see those French protests. After all, we all live in our bubble where our beliefs are re-inforced by our peers. Which also applies to our adversaries. But I think most people don’t really care much about what’s going on in France.
        France is too far away to care for most people – hell, even Prague seems far away for me even though this City is maybe four hours driving a car away.
        That’s Europe. Everything is small and everyone’s horizon is very very close.

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      4. Interesting. I would have figured the EU broke down your smaller size nation state borders to some extent where there is common cause against the globullists.


      5. In the US there’s a lot of people „unplugged“, no TV. I cut the cord years ago. Hear of others done so all the time. Amazing how little TV matters. Save a lot of money too. Use less electricity. No Satellite or cable bill. That is at least $90 a month all told saved at my house.

        But yeah, they don’t call it „Programming“ for no reason.


      6. Some twenty years ago I became more and more fed up with that TV in our living room – too many fights over what to watch and also my realization of how much TV is stealing my time.
        Our first child was pretty small when we made an experiment and set him in front of the TV to let him watch „Teletubbies“:
        All of a sudden he changed into a drooling idiot – the moment the TV was turned on he got turned off. I was deeply shocked.
        I can’t recall if it was that day when I threw a fit and literally cut the power cord to that TV. We never repaired it – and never bought another TV.

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      7. Heard that!
        Took ours out back and two barrels of 12ga buck later the deed was done. It was for the symbolic purposes.


      8. Another wounded. I can’t remember if this was due to a flashbang or rubber bullets. Many protesters already lost an eye because of those “non-lethal” weapons.


      9. Browse YouTube and you will find pictures and videos of APC police is using against the yellow jackets. The strange thing with those APC’s is that they don’t hsve any French insignia on them – only the emblem of the European Union (yellow stars in a circle on a blue background).
        This fuels suspicions that EURGENDFOR is already being deployed in Paris.


  2. Danke shoen mein freunde. Ich nicht bin eine Deutschlander. And that is the extent of my hacked up german beyond being able to order beer, cheese and wurst by saying zwei hundred funfitsh gramme diese and pointing at what I wanted to buy for lunch. 😉 Hope your new effort and the translator work for us yankees.

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    1. *groaning with pain*
      Yeah. Great German. (Why the hell do I think of a German Shepherd right now??) 😂
      Just kidding, man.
      I believe anything you can say in German is a Plus. Maybe you should one day come over to a quiet place in Germany and… wait… no… there are no quiet places in Germany where you could polish your language skills. It’s either a mountaintop, a deep forest or the former GDR that’s still quiet (peaceful) – but you cannot learn German in either place.
      You better come to Austria: that Austrian accent sucks, too but we could have at least a couple of beers.


      1. Nein, aber ich hab‘ in Deutschland fur ein bischen gewhohent, und beim Universitat studiert. Kann auch Russich.
        Right before the great Zero became President he uttered that I was a „bitter clinger,“ then the .gov decided that I was a terrorist for my „rightwing“ beliefs for a limited government, natural rights, freedom, etc… I sort of decided it was an appropriate everyman type name. It has caused some small amount of consternation over the years.

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  3. „whose knowledge of the German language is restricted to some harsh growls that would make a German Shepherd feel ashamed of itself.“

    In my case, this observation is generous. heh.

    Good to know you fixed the problem without having to recreate the blog.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I became a little desperate. I told my WordPress-psychotherapist that I would scrap the blog and start over from scratch if the solution he suggested didn’t work.
      He then actually did the fixing all by himself which is very unusual.


  4. Damn buddy, sorry to hear we fucked you all up. The things we do for our readers, right?
    A TRANSLATE button would be more than adequate, as long as it works…..
    Hey, at least the comment function works again!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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