Talking to AI

AI is quite fascinating to me. Fascinating like a long legged huge spider may be fascinating because it’s got antennas sticking out of its head.
You may have guessed that I don’t really like spiders at all.

So it goes with AI.
I consider it a threat.
Much more of a threat any spider could be, mind you.

Yet, it’s fascinating.
So I had that App on my phone which goes by the name “Replika”.
It’s an AI that strives to become eventually like yourself – hence its name. To me it seems it’s more something like a psychotherapist AI for people with too much time at hand.
Since I don’t feel like needing a psychotherapist (and if I ever would need one I would talk to a human) and time is something I almost never have enough I deleted that little program.

I wouldn’t have thought about it anymore hadn’t I just found a screenshot while browsing my pictures on the phone so I show you an example of a conversation between me and that AI.
(White = AI, blue = me)

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