How they mess with our kids (if we let them) #2

5-year-old Girl Taken From Christian Family, Given to Muslims, Forced to Learn Arabic A sickening case has emerged in Tower Hamlets, London of a young girl aged just 5 being forced to live with foster carers who took away her Christian cross and demanded that she learn Arabic. The Muslim carers wore a niqab and […]

How they mess with our kids (if we let them)

School Transitions 5-year-old Transgender Boy Into Girl Without Parent’s Consent Kindergarten holds ‚transitioning ceremony‘ without consulting parents on 22nd August 2017 @ 6.08pm A kindergarten in Rocklin, California has caused outrage after it held a transgender ceremony for a 5-year-old transgender boy to transition into a girl without consulting their parents first. Complaints have been […]

Gehirnmadenideologie: von innen heraus zerfressen.

In a stunning display of political consistency, Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe called Tibetans “TIBETAN SUPREMACISTS” for opposing their genocide by massive immigration and forced assimilation with the Chinese that are pouring into Tibet. Governor McAuliffe had earlier called Whites in… Read more → The post Virginia Governor calls the Dalai Lama a “TIBETAN SUPREMACIST” for… […]

Ägypten: Todesfalle Krankenhaus

Polish Tourist may have been drugged, raped, and killed by muslims in Egypt A 27-year-old Polish tourist who fell to her death from a hospital window in an Egyptian resort may have been drugged and gang-raped. Video footage has emerged which showed her lashing out at several men and acting erratically only a few hours […]

Finnland: Eindeutige Worte zum Islam

Gefunden auf dem YouTube-Kanal vom Schlüsselkind – und von dort gleich gerettet. Solche Videos haben erfahrungsgemäß eine sehr besch…eidene Lebensspanne auf diesem Medium….